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Afghan American Conference - Identity and Social Justice

I will be attending the 4th annual Afghan American Conference, which aims to create an empowered, supportive, and engaged Afghan American community through dialog and collaboration. I will be co-leading a workshop with Helena Zeweri titled How Culture Matters: Tools for Social Justice through Self-Empowerment.

Through interactive writing and dialogue, we will explore how personal stories and histories can empower participants to contribute to social justice efforts. More specifically, participants will be asked to think about how culture has played a role in both enabling and hindering their involvement and interest in broader social and political issues. Through encouraging an honest exploration of individual life stories, including the role of gender, race, and class, we will collectively brainstorm which cultural norms we can (re)activate in order to meaningfully participate in different civic, political, and social advocacy efforts.

Afghan American Conference
New York University
Saturday, March 24th
2:05 pm and 3:40pm


Best Conceptual Expression Award

I'm honored that Red Square Meets Ground Zero was awarded the Best Conceptual Expression Award by 108|  Contemporary gallery in Tulsa, OK. 

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My shadow is a word writing itself across time.

My new video is currently screening at 4culture gallery's e4c for the duration of 2018. It was recommended by both The Stranger and International Examiner

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