Women in Windows

Installation shot.jpeg

'Ravel' has been included in the exhibit, Women in Windows, a multi-part video installation which focuses on the confluence of culture, religion and society in an exploration of female identity.

This exhibition subverts the societal notion of female-as-object and presents the experiences, feelings and intellects of six women artists of color in an unignorable public forum. Glass boxes, which so often frame their bodies, become windows into the souls and substance of these women, who show us that the multifaceted and deeply personal female perspective cannot be contained by, or simplified to, a skin-deep, male-gaze centric representation of what it means to be female.

Women In Windows is produced and curated by Zehra Ahmed and is supported by Automata Arts, Chungking Studio, General Lee’s, Imprint Projects, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Lisa Derrick Fine Arts, Poetic Research Bureau Preen Inc. and Press Friends.

Windows along Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

February 26 - March 17, 2019